Self Bows

Most bows I build are from solid Osage Orange.  Prized by Native American bowyers, Osage bows are strong, durable, and can last decades.  Due to the nature of growing trees, no two bows will be the same.  Some will have snaky limbs and some will even have knot holes that you can see through!  In no way does this affect the performance of the bow, but it sure turns heads.

The following pictures are typical of the bows I make.  Made of Osage with exotic wood tip overlays (I like to use jet-black cow horn, bloodwood or purpleheart for their contrast).  An average of 15 coats of Tru Oil give my bows a warm glow and brings out the natural “fire” in highly-polished Osage.  I prefer to shoot the arrow off my knuckle (fletching doesn’t hurt when prepared correctly) but if you are used to shooting off a shelf, I’ll put one on for you.  Adding Rattlesnake Skins is always an option for the ultimate camouflage.

This is my personal hunting stick.  8 years later, it still holds it’s cast and has taken a beautiful “bronze” coloration.  (62″ tip-to-tip, 65#@26″)

Osage self-bow w/ shelf, diamondback skins, purpleheart tip overlays

Osage self-bow with see-through knot and dozen cedar arrows

NEW: Osage self-bow with “flipped” tips, shelf w/ beadwork, cow horn tips.

NEW: The above bow’s “left-handed sister”, Diamondback Rattlesnake skin backing