Bamboo & Composite Bows

I am now offering Bamboo-backed OsageIpe, and Massaranduba bows for sale.  Paring Bamboo’s tensile strength with the compression resistance of these dense woods creates a bow that is both light weight and powerful.  With the deflex-reflex profile as seen below, it’s smooth-drawing and shoots an arrow with very little hand-shock.  This bow is pictured below with the “Sunset” stain, but the bamboo can be left natural (the color of straw) or any coloration of your choice.

Bamboo-backed Ipe, “Sunburst” dye, reflex-deflex profile.

Bamboo-backed Osage, “Sunburst” dye, simple reflex, No-stitch grip with shelf

Bamboo-backed Massaranduba, cow horn tip overlays, Strunk-inspired handle, simple reflex profile.

Brand new to the line-up!  English Longbow: White Oak w/ Massaranduba core.   Available in poundages up to 45#@28″.  Conforms to British Longbow Society standard dimensions.


As always, more pics to come!